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Application case 5

Application case 5: Carbon electrode baking control system

一. Carbon electrode baking control system

1. Overview

Carbon electrode roaster combustion device and control system for 38 rooms roaster. There ring is covered roaster furnace. Wherein the device comprises a gas burner combustion rack, connected hoods (exhaust frame) and the temperature and pressure testing, gas automatic adjustment, metering and other equipment. Each oven chamber has four burners, combustion devices and a set of automatic control system.

2. Control Method

Use the estimated optimization control system--RMPO

3. Systems running the technical requirements

Unit 10 running simultaneously, each combustion cycle system: 20 to 48 hours, roaster gas temperature inside: 900℃, the final products in the baking temperature: 900℃, up to 1280℃.

4. Gas Characteristics

Natural gas: low heat value of ~ 3.4x104kJ/Nm3

Gas pressure: ~ 0.1MPa

二. Basic technical requirements and number of suppliers (per oven)

1. Gas burners (including flow meters, burners, etc.)

7 Room 12 sets run every room

Total = 144 sets

Maximum combustion flue gas temperature: 900 ~ 1300℃

Final product temperature: 900℃

Burner metal hose connection

(600mm144 reviews)

Fine adjustment valve (2 inch): 38 units

Safety solenoid valve (2 inch): 12 units

Gas Heating Ramp:

Ball (2 inches): 38 units

Ball (6 points): 166 units

Gas filter: 1   

Number of equipment units:

2. Exhaust ramps (exhaust frame) (with manual butterfly)

Flue gas temperature: ~ 700℃

Pressure measuring range: -400 ~ 0Pa, in situ monitoring of pressure, with ball valve

Number of equipment units: 3 sets / kits

Cs valve with electric flapper valve

3. Temperature measuring device

Indoor gas furnace: Temperature measuring range: 0 ~ 900℃, the temperature can be remote

Furnace chamber bottom: Temperature measuring range: 0 ~ 700℃, the temperature can be remote

Flue temperature measuring range: 0 ~ 700℃, the temperature can be remote

     Hot Thermocouple and temperature change equipment Number of units: 51 units / sets.

4. Control Systems

Requirements of the 2 level control system of the central and field. Composed by a central computer control system basic functions including display, setup, control, storage (year of data), data processing and alarm. The control system composed by the thermostat and the PLC includes on-site display, adjustment, detection, alarm and so on. When the central control system failure, site control systems can set parameters to maintain production.

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